2018-2019 Board Members Elected

On June 14, 2018, the new board of directors was finalized for the 2018-2019 year. Effective July 1st the below will be your Clemson LGBTQ+ Alumni Club Board of Directors.

Chair – Brian Cave

Vice Chair – Patrick Cato

Secretary & Treasurer – Caroline Simpson

Marketing & Communications Coordinator – Josh Morgan

University LGBTQ+ Student, Faculty & Staff Liaison – Robin Chambers

Regional Representatives

Greenville Representative – Dee Dee Fazzone

Charleston/Lowcountry Representative – Patrick Cato

Charlotte/Rock Hill Representative – Beverly Smith

Chicago Representative – Micah McDade

Washington D.C. Metro Area Representative – Gregory Caleca

Florida Representative – Benjamin Crumley

New York/Tri-State Area Representative – Brian Cave

At-Large Members

Chris Grace

Russ Madray

Jay Jacobs

If you have any questions or comments or suggestions, please feel free to email the board at culgbtqalumni@gmail.com. Please go ahead and save the date for the weekend of Oct. 19th to be in Clemson for Homecoming weekend so you join us at the several events we will be hosting that weekend.