Board Members

The Clemson LGBTQ+ Alumni Council is governed by a group of volunteer board members. Each board member is elected to a three year term. Four member are chosen to serve in executive leadership capacities for two-year terms.

Board Members

Brian Latham

Architecture '93

T. Jordan Simpson

Management '13

Sydney Melvin-Nimmons

At-Large Board Member

Marketing '15

Derwin Simpson

At-Large Member

Industrial Engineering '20

Meagan Linton MacBean

Vice-Chair of Membership & Events

Marketing '09

Jacob Livingston

At-Large Member

Bioengineering '19

Jeremy DiGorio

At-Large Member

Mathematics and Secondary Education '11

Cortney Curtis

At-Large Member

Animal Science '16

Patrick Becker

At-Large Member

Financial Management '09

Gregory Caleca

Vice-Chair of Finance & Fundraising

Construction Science '05

Kim Carter

Secretary/Marketing Officer

MEd Student Affairs '19

Shawn Knight


MEd Counselor Ed/Student Affairs '16